Vi träffar Alexander - Beamern som genomförde miljonköpet!

Den 16e juni hände något riktigt intressant för Beam här i Göteborg. Då handlades det för den miljonte kronan i Sverige under 2017. Vi tog på oss att leta rätt på personen som gjorde köpet, på Kobe sushi, och hittade honom! Vi möttes upp för en kaffe på da Matteo på Vallgatan, och ställde några snabba frågor.

Alexander Haydari, vid lilla torget, visar upp sin belöning!

Alexander Haydari, vid lilla torget, visar upp sin belöning!

So first, we’ve already chatted a little bit prior to the interview, but for the sake of our readers, can you please tell us something about yourself? You’re from Canada right?

Yeah I’m from Canada. I moved to Sweden for work and I’ve been in Gothenburg for a solid five years.

Ok! So, how do you find it here?

Oh, I really enjoy it; it’s a beautiful country and the people are very friendly.

When was the first time you heard of Beam?

I was actually waiting for a tram as I was heading home, and I was approached by one of your promoters. They said ”Hey! You want to try this cool thing and get a hundred kronor for a free lunch?” That inticed me of course, a hundred kronor covers the cost for a lunch, so I signed up!

Do you remember where you Beamed for the first time?

Yeah, that was actually at Kobe Sushi... and the reason I went there is that I love sushi. When I moved to our new office near Domkyrkan I needed to find a good sushi place nearby. So I found Kobe Sushi in the app, and it was great! Now I go there everytime I'm "sugen på sushi"! Haha

So what is it about Beam, that you like?

Well, it’s really cool to pay with your phone first of all. It’s great not to have to bring your wallet and I’ve started exploring different restaurants and bars thanks to Beam. For example I love smoothies, so I found out about Juicekällan through Beam – that was awesome!

And how about the rewards, what do you think?

I mean depending on where you go, I discovered that those little shapes gives you more rewards, so that was great! I started going to those places more often, as it gave me bigger rewards.

It’s always cool that I can get some of what I spend back, so I can say ”Hey, let’s go out and grab a beer, and let the Beam rewards take care of it for me!” and that’s awesome.

And on a final note, congratulations! You actually spent Beam Swedens millionth krona transaction in 2017. I want to give you a huge thank you. Without you, and the rest of our Beamer community, we wouldn't be able to do what we do. 

As a thank you, we’re giving you a little something of a 1 000 kr reward for you to spend on anything you like with Beam!

What! That’s awesome, thank you.

Thank you for Beaming and being a great Beamer!


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