IWD: What #BalanceforBetter means to 9 kick-ass local businesswomen

Today marks a special day where women and men across the world, unite to honour the achievements of women for International Women’s Day (IWD). This day provides us with a platform to acknowledge how far we have come, and still how far we have to go to achieve gender equality.

We’re also celebrating another theme for IWD in Australia: ‘More Powerful Together’. This recognises the important role men and gender diverse people play in creating a world of equal rights and opportunities.

‘More Powerful Together’ is a theme that we feel super passionate about here at Beam. And we strive everyday to walk the talk. Stitched into the fabric of our startup, we are passionate about providing a flexible workplace for female staff to be able to balance work and other priorities, like being a mum. But we are just as focused on providing this for our dads too.

A family shot of the Beam Wallet Sydney team.

A family shot of the Beam Wallet Sydney team.

So, whether that’s leaving early to make school runs, working from home to take the sting out of childcare or hosting youngsters in the office (mid-week crafternoons can get wild), we have built workplace that supports our Dads so they can support Mums too.  

Our Senior Frontend Developer Mikhail, and his daughter Eva.

Our Senior Frontend Developer Mikhail, and his daughter Eva.

In Australia we love that there are some kick-ass women at the helm of many of the local businesses we work with at Beam and also on our team too! Not only are they successful, but they’re also extremely passionate about the local community in which they live.

So to celebrate IWD we wanted to shine a light on 9 amazing businesswomen who are achieving incredible feats across their communities in Potts Point, Darlinghurst Surry Hills and surrounds.

Let’s take a look at what #BalanceforBetter means to them…

I came to Australia (from sunny UK) with a suitcase and a few thousand dollars. Joseph Hyde is my fourth business and each one I have started from scratch. I feel very privileged as a businesswoman to have the support of peers and a community who have welcomed me mostly without discrimination. My focus around the IWD theme to strive for #BalanceforBetter by being open to help other local businesswomen in Potts Point build a network of support. I want to encourage businesswomen to speak up for themselves and create a network of women to chat about business issues and opportunities and most importantly, to laugh over a wine together.

My thoughts behind the theme #BalanceForBetter is equal pay based on skills & merits rather than gender, creed or culture. Encourage kindness through actions.

Just like the perfect meal is one that is a balance of beautiful flavours, textures, and colours, so too is the perfect world - that is, one that has a diverse balance of opinions, personality and of course gender. And just like the perfect meal, a beautifully balanced glass of wine, is always welcome in my world!

Better balance means going hard and hustling every day, but also giving myself permission to rest and rejuvenate when I need it, and doing both well. Balance should progress on all fronts as fast or slow, as necessary to keep everything working cohesively.

Everyone has a part to play, in all sectors, industries and attitudes at home. Balance is not a women's issue, it's a business issue. It’s also a basic human rights issue. The world is still unbalanced so lets become unified with #BalanceforBetter activity all year round.

Balance for Better for us means work-life balance. This was a key ingredient in creating Nest & Nectar. As women in small business, we believe it is important to have an environment by where we alone make the decisions based on our collective experiences, skills and passions. All small business owners we all face the same challenges, men and women.

We are proud to be two women who are prepared to jump in with both feet, work hard and achieve our dreams. We encourage other women who dream of having their own business, to be brave, believe in yourself and take the dive!

Balance for better means that not only as a business owner I’m also a mum of two beautiful kids. Therefore it’s all about tailoring success in both areas. I’m very blessed to have these two very important jobs and always try to have me time to keep my mind clear.

Having that environment where everyone can thrive together without being limited by gender, culture or beliefs, is a Balance for Better. This means acknowledging that everyone has something to give and a purpose, whether it may be working on tech, their own business or at home.

A big shout out to all of the amazing women who make up the Beam family, we wouldn't be here without you. 💕

♀️Who are the women in your life that you're celebrating today?