What Potts Pointers are saying about Beam

There’s no place like home

After a whirlwind few years in Dubai, UAE and Gothenburg, Sweden, we returned home to Sydney in 2018. Our first stop - Potts Point.

Every country literally and metaphorically speaks a different language. Each region has its own way of life, culture and priorities. We learned a lot from our time in the UAE and Sweden.

With Australia, and especially Sydney, we wanted to take a local approach. For those of us from Sydney, we know how important local identity is and how close-knit business communities here are.

We ❤️ Potts Point

Potts Point has a rich history, stunning art deco architecture and a strong community of Pointers who cherish their local businesses. They are local advocates who look after each other and are committed to protecting their enclave of passionate businesses

It was a no brainer for us to join forces with the Pointers. First on board was Nina from The Silly Tart Kitchen. Her enthusiasm and smile was instantly infectious.

Nina celebrating the launch of Beam Sydney.

Being one of the oldest suburbs within Sydney, I was instantly drawn to its bohemian personality when arriving in Australia 12 years ago. There have been many changes over the years, a major shift has been in the community’s strength and drive to helping one another since the impact of the lockout laws. With the closure of many small businesses and the opening of many new, we have seen a supportive network that encourages one another to share positive experiences to rebuild a vibrant community again. We are very proud to be located in one of the oldest streets of Sydney that is still alive with the individuals that make up the community of Potts Point.
— Nina Purton, Director at The Silly Tart Kitchen

Slowly but surely, more businesses came on board. We even had some lovely local advocates cheering us on.

We welcomed a fleet of businesses from across Potts Point, Darlinghurst, Elizabeth Bay, Surry Hills and surrounds. 40 in total and counting. Joe van der Heide from Parsons Bar & Kitchen also shares Nina’s love for the local community and businesses alike.

It’s amazing to see that considering all the changes that Potts Point and the surrounding suburbs went through to see that it can thrive in a whole new way. It’s great having all the locals come by and appreciate new venues and their revitalised area. Beam has been a really fantastic way to involve local patrons and have them be rewarded for helping support their local businesses.
— Joe van der Heide, Co-owner at Parsons Bar and Kitchen
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Join us

The journey is only beginning. If you’d like to see a local business you love, get in touch with us.

It’s easy to launch Beam in your city or suburb. We’d love to hear from you.