The evolution of rewards

At Beam, you define the future of mobile payments.

We make improvements every day based on your feedback to evolve the Beam experience to suit you. The latest enhancement in our rewards space was designed with our Beamers in mind.

We’ve heard you

Over the last few months, we’ve surveyed and spoken directly to a wide range of Beamers.

Every Beamer is different. To cater to our Beamers’ diverse needs and lifestyles, we’ve enhanced the way rewards are collected.

An evolution of Forever 10, Forever More allows you to:

  • Forgo a minimum spend

  • Collect rewards more often

  • Beam at more stores

  • Choose different reward amounts to suit your needs


What's the difference?

Forever 10

  • Minimum spend: AED 500

  • Reward amount: Fixed at AED 50

  • Reward options: 10

  • Collection method: Progress to AED 500 before collection


Forever More

  • Minimum spend: None

  • Reward amount: Flexible range

  • Reward options: 10 or more

  • Collection method: Immediate (Choose to collect immediately or accumulate for a bigger reward)


An algorithm based on…

Who you are

Dubai is a unique mix of travellers, expats and locals who travel a lot. With Forever 10, it took them a while to spend AED 500 to get their first reward. Forever More removes this barrier.

Suitable for: The Nomad Spender

Your lifestyle

Daily coffees, fuel or groceries - a big portion of Beamers use the app for necessities. Forever More gives them the option to collect smaller amounts to spend at a greater range of stores, including the stores they are regulars at. This allows them loads of rewards for their daily needs.

Suitable for: The Daily Spender

Your mood

We know that Beamers also love new experiences and a splurge on special occasions. Forever More gives you the option to wait (if you choose) to accumulate your rewards for a larger amount at a later stage.

Suitable for: The Big Spender


How will this benefit Beamers?

People make a wide range of purchases every day. We don’t believe in a stock standard solution for everyone. Be it a necessity or special occasion, Beam empowers customers with rewards that suit them as individuals.

Small or big rewards, there are no rules. Beam as you please, as it suits you :)

We want your feedback

Gathering feedback from our Beamers is a key part of our process in designing the best experience possible. Tell us what you think