Visualising Invite a Friend

We love Beam. We want our customers to love Beam. We want them to tell their friends how much they love Beam and we want their friends to love Beam. Like many other sites and services on the web we encourage this with a refer a friend program.

The Beam referral program works in the usual way: You have a code. You give your code to a friend. They sign up with it and Beam says thank you by giving you both some cash to spend.

These sort of rewards are open to abuse although the incidence of this is rare. We have fraud detection and protection methods in place but one of the best ways to check on these is to expose the data and get a feel for it. So we started out visualising our refer a friend network. What we found was so cool that we just have to share it:

It looks almost organic. Like the view through a microscope. You have to zoom in for the best effect.

Surprisingly nobody on our team can recall ever seeing an invite a friend network presented like this. Hopefully you find it as engrossing as we do.

To answer the common questions:

  1. Yes this is a small sample of data, there is too much to practically display at once, but the individual networks are complete.
  2. The arrows point from the inviter to the invitee.
  3. The visualisation is built using