Introducing Spend or Save


You asked us for a simple reward experience and we listened.

Spend or Save was created with flexibility and freedom top of mind after speaking to Beamers about exactly how they liked to use rewards and the problems they had faced in the past.

Now you can earn rewards at your favourite coffee shop and then spend them on your groceries or petrol (or anywhere). Turn the toggle on spend to use rewards and turn the toggle off to save rewards for later. It's never been more simple.

Here's some of the feedback that inspired us and problems you'll never face again.

"I'm in Tommy and I've changed my mind, can you move my rewards from Aldo?"

- Ahmed

"Hello, would it be possible to move all my rewards from different merchants to a single merchant?"

- Ali


"I didn't collect my rewards so I couldn't use them, can you take the rewards instead?"

- Amit

I have mistakingly added my rewards to Rainforest Cafe, can u please move my awards to Costa Coffee instead please?

- Fahd

But wait, that's not all.

Those rewards you've had locked to a store, have been unlocked and moved up to your rewards balance! For some users, it means several thousand dirhams in rewards, which are now available to spend anywhere.

Our brand spanking new bonuses are better than ever. You don't need to collect them anymore, they're used automatically when you Beam at the store. But be fast because they're refreshed with every transaction you make.

Open the app to see if you had any rewards lying around that have moved to the rewards balance. As always, questions, thoughts or just happy comments please email us at