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10 Dubai spas to spoil yourself on Relaxation Day

Finding the right spa near you in large and bustling cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi can be tough. However, especially on this World Relaxation Day, Beam will make the work a lot easier. Launch the app or check the list we've compiled for you, as it features the best wellness centres, beauty salons and spas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that will hit just the right spots. Some of your favourites like the DreamWorks Spa are on our list, but we've also got some hidden gems that we're positive you will love.

Breathe in, breathe out... And read this in soft and calming voice.

Feel the bright rays of sun shining down on you with the grass between your toes at Burj Park. No children around crying out loud and the sparkles of the water from the Dubai Fountain in the distance.

Now, step out of your dream world and back to the UAE. It’s too hot for that, so we've got some more awesome suggestions.

Check the list below to find a place near you that can take your wellness index sky high today.

Today is THE day to get away from your busy lifestyle and step out for some 'me' time.

We're not encouraging you to take a sick day, but if you are sick.. (cough cough).

As Bryant McGill has said, "Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So relax" ...and Beam around!