Ahmad Al Madani, our first Beam athlete

10 weeks of rewards. 10 000 winners each week, 100 000 AED in rewards so far and 9 Beam athletes, meet one of our winners, Ahmad.

Beamer Ahmad is a Dubai local and has been Beaming for two years. See what he has to say in the interview below. Congrats Ahmed!



Congratulations, you have won AED 500 with Beam!

Oh my God, masha'Allah, for what?


You were one of the fastest puzzle solvers in the countdown with Sir Don last week.

I am? masha'Allah, thank you for that, thank you alhamdulilla. I'm always encouraging all of my friends to use Beam because it is very very helpful and now this.


“I'm always encouraging all of my friends to use Beam.”

When did you start Beaming?

When? Wow, I don't remember the exact date but I do remember the first time I saw the red Beam logo and I was very curious and wanted to know what it was. I downloaded the app straight away to give it a try and see if there were any benefits.


“I still remember the first time I saw the red Beam logo, I was very curious to know what is was and if there were any benefits.”


You must have found something you liked?

Honestly, one of my favourite things is Beaming for fuel. It was great timing when Beam launched at ENOC as I was just about to pay AED 250 for the electronic tag and then I saw Beam was available and it was just marvellous. I think I was one of the first to try it, I wanted to know how the system worked and how the team had actually developed it because it was a world first. 


Were you trying to be the fastest to solve the puzzle or did it just happen?

Ok, I'll tell you the truth, I did see that there were three different ways I could win, be the fastest, spend the most and I've forgotten the last one. For me it was "okay, let me try", but I didn't think I would actually win it. I didn't really plan it too much I just thought I would try and solve the puzzle as fast as I could and I won!


“I did see there were three new ways to win, and thought, 'okay, let me try and be the fastest' .. and I won!".


What will you spend you AED 500 on?

I've just purchased new shoes from Sketchers with my most recent Beam rewards so now I'm not sure. I was actually with my friend and when I used my rewards and I was telling him, "I used rewards, plus I got rewards because if you use rewards, you also get rewards, that's just how Beam works". He still wasn't interested! Maybe when I tell him about this he will see how much you can gain.

I'm thinking for this reward i'll probably buy shoes or menswear, I'm hoping to see more stores for men on Beam as well, Sketchers recently joined which was really great. I will save it for a bit while I decide. 


Will you keep on counting down with Sir Don until 2018?

That's a good question haha! I just told my wife today that next week, everyone in the family needs to solve the puzzle and that we need to be smart and Beam whenever we can. We try to be very balanced in our lives but sometimes we buy things we don't need, the great thing with Beam is you get rewarded when you buy the things you do need, on your day to day spending. I think the balance is very important, especially when you have a family. 

Thank you for the reward! I will celebrate this with my family and tell all of my friends in our WhatsApp group that I won and they should be Beaming because there is a competition going on with Sir Don K (meaning the donkey), I will tell them insha'Allah. 


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