Sandwich Day

That rumble in your tummy was waiting for Sandwich Day and these 6 great sandwich spots!

Sandwich fact - Sandwiches taste better when made by others for you because when you make your own, you anticipate its taste and become less hungry for it.

While it is believed that the Sandwich is named after John Montagu, the circumstances of why it was created can not be confirmed. However, there is a contemporary book called Tour to London, by Pierre Jean Grosley, that spoke of the bread and meat being Lord Sandwich’s favorite food on the gambling table. Now though this may seem unusual, we understand it as a generation of people who fail to get up from in front of our laptops.

Be like Lord Sandwich and bite into that perfectly made, warm, crispy sandwich that immediately fills your mouth with delicious juices. Some Lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, your favorite meat, cheese that melts in your mouth if you’re a classic or some fresh pesto with tomatoes and mozzarella for a little kick. This weekend is perfect to party with everyone’s favorite and most convenient lunchtime snack all day.

Let's not take matters into our own hands, we both know we’re not professional sandwichologists. Go to the professionals who are sure to make you drool.

How to redeem your Beam rewards

Here by popular demand is everything you need to know about redeeming rewards on Beam.

You've just started using Beam and boom! you have accrued AED 25 worth of rewards in your account. But how do you use them?

We've got your back! Read on to find the latest tips on where you can earn the best rewards and how to redeem them on your shopping.

Earning rewards

You can earn Beam rewards from your first steps on the app and every time you pay with the app at any store accepting Beam.
Below are some of the ways to earn rewards:

  • By registering onto Beam the first time, you get AED 25 if you've been invited by a friend (if not, go ahead and enter the promo code BEAMNOW to get that AED 25.)

  • By referring friends to Beam, you get AED 25, once your friend has started using the app

  • By assigning rewards to certain stores, you earn bonuses

  • By participating in Beam promotions

How and where to earn the most rewards

It's easy to spot the places on Beam that offer the highest rewards.

A glance of the reward pin, the shape next to the store name, in the app would tell you how much you could earn from that store.

Rewards percentages change according to factors such as the brand, your shopping history, the time of the week, etc., so don’t be surprised to see a different reward pin from time to time.

Rewards Pins.png

Moreover, when opting the rewards for a store, in some cases you could earn a bonus. Spot the stores offering bonuses by scrolling through the feed and select them before the bonus runs out!

Don't want to worry about the individual store rewards but still want the rewards?
Just transact at a variety of stores and you'll be living life large!

Remember, the rewards are more generous when you shop at places beyond fuel and groceries.

Opting to redeem rewards

On Beam, you earn rewards as you spend and as you reach a minimum Rewards Balance of AED 50, you can opt to redeem it to a store.

Here are two different ways to assign your rewards to a store of your choice.

Redeeming rewards

Using these rewards is the simplest.

You don't need to inform the cashier or attendant of the rewards you own.
Simply transact at the store you have rewards for and the value will be deducted against the bill. Any remaining bill amount will be charged on the card you’ve chosen to transact with.

Any questions you have about rewards, feel free to reach us at anytime.

10 Dubai spas to spoil yourself on Relaxation Day

Finding the right spa near you in large and bustling cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi can be tough. However, especially on this World Relaxation Day, Beam will make the work a lot easier. Launch the app or check the list we've compiled for you, as it features the best wellness centres, beauty salons and spas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that will hit just the right spots. Some of your favourites like the DreamWorks Spa are on our list, but we've also got some hidden gems that we're positive you will love.

Breathe in, breathe out... And read this in soft and calming voice.

Feel the bright rays of sun shining down on you with the grass between your toes at Burj Park. No children around crying out loud and the sparkles of the water from the Dubai Fountain in the distance.

Now, step out of your dream world and back to the UAE. It’s too hot for that, so we've got some more awesome suggestions.

Check the list below to find a place near you that can take your wellness index sky high today.

Today is THE day to get away from your busy lifestyle and step out for some 'me' time.

We're not encouraging you to take a sick day, but if you are sick.. (cough cough).

As Bryant McGill has said, "Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So relax" ...and Beam around!

Mitch Williams, winner of free fuel for a year

Win 60 mins of free fuel until 16 Feb 2017

6 million litres of fuel. 100, 000 full tanks and one world-first later, meet our big winner.

Beamer Mitch is a Social Media Director based in Dubai. Watch what he had to say or read the interview below. Congrats Mitch!

Where are you from? How long have you been in Dubai?

I’m originally from South Africa, been in Dubai now for three and a half years. It’s a beautiful city, and an amazing place.


What do you love about Dubai?

The people and the place, there’s a respect for people around you, and also it is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve been fortunate enough to live in. We’ve got a beach on the doorstep, sun every day.


“I hate carrying a wallet, phone and keys around. (With Beam) my card’s available in my phone.”


How did you learn about Beam?

Funny enough, at the petrol station we are at now.  There was a lady chatting to us asking have you tried Beam. I installed the app and from there every time I come now, it’s the easiest way to do it. I don’t have to try and find my wallet or look in the car for it - I’ve got it right there, just Beam and I’m through.


What are your top 3 favourite things about Beam?

Accessibility. I hate carrying a wallet, phone and keys around. My card’s available in my phone. The payments are so easy. The rewards are great as well. It’s a nice little addition just by doing daily transactions I’m able to get rewards. The partners you have are amazing as well.


“I don’t have to try and find my wallet or look in the car for it - I’ve got it right there, just Beam and I’m through.”


Do you have a message for Beamers out there?

Stick with it. There is no app available that does what Beam does. It becomes a part of your daily life. Obviously with my background being in digital and online, it’s the easiest way to transact without actually using a card. I encourage everyone to try it out.


How do you feel about winning fuel?

I can’t actually believe it. I used the Beam app and tweeted it out on my profile and shared it on Facebook and I didn’t expect it. It’s an amazing surprise.


“There is no app available that does what Beam does. It becomes a part of your daily life.”


Like what you see? Beam at ENOC today to win 60 mins of free fuel: